nov 30


 Chinese, Japanese, or Korean?: What's the difference? Maybe that's a racist question, maybe it's the premise for a deconstructive playfulness. For the moment, let's imagine it's the latter: You take a quiz where you see 18 faces and you try to guess if they're Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. I got only 9 right. Now, if you wish to entertain the former, there's a discussion and an essay from the site's creator, Dyske Suematsu, who is, um....

 Afghan pop star Farhad Darya's song "Beloved Kabul" was played in the streets of Afghanistan's capital as the public celebrated the Taliban's departure. Wanna hear it? (Please, please, remember that if they judged us by Maria Carey, we'd be doomed.)

 Come to think of it, Marilyn Monroe was sorta like one long flash intro anyway.

 If you were to paint the Eifel Tower, what color would you choose? Duh, Eifel Tower Brown, of course.

 Does anyone care about IT anymore?

 SlashDot is debating the new Jakob Nielsen book I mentioned finishing a few days ago.

 Jesus, my colleagues are such dorks. Yes, it's real.

 Are really tall buildings dehumanizing? NPR's Morning Edition discusses.

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