dec 1


 Metropolis (the only architecture magazine that I bother reading) has a special section devoted to The World Trade Center. Interesting stuff, including an interview with Dave Eggers where he says this dumb thing: "I would vote for rebuilding the towers exactly as they were with a memorial in the middle including pictures and names of every victim."

 Move over Barbie, Playboy is selling action figures.

 Barb is at the Nieman Narrative Journalism Conference at Harvard this weekend. Speakers include Nora Ephron, Ira Glass, Gay Talese, and others. She says she's going to write about the event for Fimoculous, but I never trust a journalist.

 I forgot to mention that I saw my parents over the Thanksgiving weekend and discovered that my father bought one of these. No, that's not a toy, it's a real vehicle. I had no idea that such a thing even existed. In real life, it looks like a concept car, unable to make up its mind if it's a truck, an SUV, a jeep, or a running shoe.

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