dec 3


 Everyone I know spent today either dissing IT (nice animation) or dissing the American Talib Boy (nice picture). All I have to say about the topics: I'm simply shocked that "Ginger" is already an item on Amazon, and America sure does create a staggering number of identity-confused people.

 Nigger. "A Black Author Hurls That Word as a Challenge." First graph: "At halftime of a 1993 basketball game against Miami University of Ohio, Keith Dambrot, varsity men's basketball coach at Central Michigan University, called his team together to talk about the word 'nigger.' Mr. Dambrot, who is white, had overheard his African-American players call each other 'nigger' to denote toughness and tenacity on the court. He asked the players permission to use the word in the same sense, and after they assented he adopted 'nigger,' too. A few weeks later, after administrative censure, sensitivity training and two campus protests, Mr. Dambrot lost his job and promptly filed suit."

 Two dumb Flash things: The Genesis Of Def Leppard | The Buffy Swearing Keyboard.

 Anti-Pop Consortium is playing at First Ave tomorrow. I'm pumped.

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