dec 7


 The Year In Review page is growing. Email me additions.

 Chuck is reading tonight.

 Sudan Owner Sues Clinton Over Missile Attack.

 Awesome. The law firm that is going to represent John "Abdul Hamid" Walker, the American kid who joined the Taliban, is Morrison & Foerster. What's their website? Why,, of course.

 Also in the category of unintentionally yet brilliantly funny: Is Your Son a Computer Hacker? This might be my favorite: "6. Does your son use Quake?" It warns parents to be on the lookout for Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson and Neuromancer by William Gibson.

 Jesus. 11-year-old poet signs potential million-dollar contract.

 The New York Times has made a couple Flash-based "Photographer's Journals" that use audio and photography to great effect: Vincent Laforet | James Hill.

 I have to admit that I enjoy HTML email when soberly used, but if you're the austere type that doesn't enjoy viewing it, there's a utility to turn it off on Outlook.

 Someday, I'll tell the story about how reading Rem Koolhaas changed my life. In the mean time, he's been awarded the design of the L.A. County Museum. It will look like a tent.

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