dec 9

voice recognition asks whether racism exists beyond the skin, in the realm of voice recognition. This simple (if rather ugly) application has you listen to 10 people and try to guess the race or ethnicity. (See also: Linguistic Profiling Survey |

 Last year, the Associated Press wrapped up 2000 with a sampling of likely 2001 news developments. It's startling how little 2001 actually turned out to be like predicted, by even the most conservative prognosticator. Check out the Year In Review page for this year's roundup.

 Nuck, nuck, nuck. Mr. Usability, Jakob Nielsen, had to send out a retraction email today:

Sent: Sun 12/9/01 10:29 AM
Subject: Alertbox - correct URL this time

Please disregard the previous message (the URL pointed to the wrong column).

Use this one instead for the Alertbox for Dec. 9:

Everyone makes mistakes, right Jakob? (The actual column, about DVD design, is a good one though.)

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