dec 11


 The worst celebrity website of all time: Oh yeah, just launched too.

 Mike Kinsley on Ari Fleischer: "He is a great evasive bore."

 CBS Marketwatch is running gigantic interstitial adverts on their front page. I hope this is the sign of a dying company and not the sign of an industry trend.

 Cool dissection of, which includes virtual and real places.

 The Nation has launched, "a critical outlet for the unavoidable backlash being fostered by the Bush Administration's exploitation of the September 11 terrorist attacks." Although I'm sympathetic, the bombastic domain name seems more inflammatory than inventive.

 "A Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Keiler was at my alma mater this past weekend. The archive page includes audio and a slideshow.

 I remember this game from last year, and I'm glad someone dug it up: Snowball Fight.

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