dec 13

google group taliban

 Everyone's blabbing about how Google has opened up the archive on 20 years of Usenet postings. But no one's doing anything cool with it, like, say, diggin up the posts from American Taliban John Walker, aka Abdul Hamid, aka John Philip Walker Lindh. Circa 1997, he was apparently very interested in Kool Keith, drum machines, and Malcolm X. He was as wrapped up in soc.religion.islam as Here he is selling his Marvel Comic Cards. Here he is asking about Islam's forbiddance of music. Here is his finding Vivaldi samples on Dr. Octagon albums.

 Alright already, stop nagging. My Top 20 Albums Of 2001:

  1. Ágaetis Byrjun by Sigur Rós
  2. Rock Action by Mogwai
  3. Amnesiac by Radiohead
  4. Drukqs by Aphex Twin
  5. The Argument by Fugazi
  6. A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure by Matmos
  7. Things We Lost In The Fire by Low
  8. Stephen Malkmus by Stephen Malkmus
  9. Vespertine by Björk
  10. The Director's Cut by Fantômas
  11. Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea by P.J. Harvey
  12. Feminist Sweepstakes by Le Tigre
  13. Confield by Autechre
  14. Innocence and Despair by Langley Schools Music Project
  15. Leaves Turn Inside You by Unwound
  16. Go Forth by Les Savy Fav
  17. Fetch the Compass, Kids by Danielson Famile
  18. Vision Creation Newsun by Boredoms
  19. Rain on Lens by Smog
  20. Standards by Tortoise
Tune in later for books and movies. See other lists.

 Nirvana Sues Courtney and Winona Arrested For Shoplifting.

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