dec 18

back in turquoise

 To anyone who got here through the Metafilter link, I'll also point out Textism's great Evolution of Writing.

 Damn, that company Christmas party nearly killed me. Who says dot.coms are dead? Okay, I'm back now. Did I miss anything?

 Heh, I guess so: the screenshot graveyard. has launched its music portal:

 Remember back when The Onion did its post-9/11 issue? Adbusters now has the 9/11 Scrapbook, which raises the stakes.

 Well, has resurrected. I thought something cool would happen to it in the intermission. Guess not. Instead, Carl seems to have spent all this time writing a manifesto (when did he start writing like Dave Eggers?).

 I don't even know what to say about this: Omniglot. I fear I could get lost for days in this Borgesian "Guide to Writing Systems."

Local Stuff:

 If ya ain't from around here, ya won't get this, and even if ya are, ya still probably won't: (That's Duffy's in downtown Fargo for all of ya thinking that it has something to do with duh big city.)

 Every decent Minnesotan's dream: The Replacements are back.

 The first time I've ever wanted to subscribe to the new Jesse Ventura interview.

 One year ago, Microsoft bought Fargo-based Great Plains Software. Purveying the Plains One Year Later.

 Five eighth-grade girls put out an underground publication with a series of blonde and penis jokes. And then get punished?

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