dec 19


 I wanna redesign this ugly blog so badly. When will I find time?

 Rem Koolhaus' touted Prada building has opened in SoHo. Speaking of which, Hal Foster writes about Koolhaus in the new London Review of Books. It's excellent.

 Buffy creator Josh Whedon is making a show for FOX.

 The has put together another great audio/visual piece from Afghanistan: Beyond the Veil.

 Not the saddest dot-com loss, but notable: dies.

 I'm working on this: The Euro.

 Have someone else ("coincidentally") find your dream wife (for $78,000).

 An Amateur Guide to Architectural New York

 New Money Mark video: "Information Contraband." (From HelloLogan.)

 Avant-Garde Film En Garde.

 Smoking Gun releases Documents of the Year. Rex adds it to the Year in Review page.

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