dec 21

you know you're right

 More news in the Nirvana and Courtney battle. Courtney has somehow convinced Cobain's mom to say that her son "despised" Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. The remaining members of Nirvana have been battling with Courtney over an unreleased Nirvana track, "You Know You're Right." I finally decided I wanted to hear it. Here are two MP3s: "You Know You're Right" (a live Nirvana version) and "You Know You're Right" (a live Hole-unplugged version). It doesn't seem like much to be fighting over.

 The funny thing about content management systems is that they create weirdness where you can never expect it. Like, putting the date of a story in the URL doesn't seem like a bad idea, right? Well, it is if you're writing an obit. Look at this Dick Schapp obit. He died today, but by looking at the URL you can see he had his obit written into the content management system on Oct. 19.

 Hmmmm... giving me ideas: Minnesota Law Summary: Adult Name Change.

 I'm not sure if it was spam, but I received a weird email today that asked to look at, "'invasion of privacy' featuring backwards navigation." They've turned the "disable back button" trick into an art form, or something.

 A map of The Simpsons' Springfield (found at BoingBoing).

 Even Google can review the year. Check out the timeline. Yup, added to the list.

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