dec 27

bad blogger, bad

 Earlier this month, I pointed toward the Usenet postings of John Walker (aka Abdul Hamid, aka John Philip Walker Lindh, aka the American Talib). Ron Rosenbaum (perhaps my favorite living columnist) has taken up the topic of these posts in this week's Edgy Enthusiast. His angle: authenticity.

 Blogger is [was] down for thousands of bloggers around the world, but I'm cruising fine. Perhaps this is the time that I should start to sell my homemade content management system?

 Which are you? Oh, yes it is. Oh, no it isn't.

 I wonder what they're gonna do with this:

 Somewhere in the midst of my hazy philosophy undergrad, I was told that the last person who read every book in print was Leibniz. Of course that's impossible now, but you can't even read all the books in your tiny little professional field anymore. This isn't news to anyone, but the National Post wrote about it.

 It seems an odd dash of editorializing for to choose (rather than numerically deduce) their Picks of The Year. Uh-huh, it's added to the list.

 When I was a kid, we didn't need no stinkin gigantic Shockwave movie to teach us how to play D&D.

 Wanna hear a funny one? Barb didn't know what "LOTR" stood for. Whah-hah-hah-hah. That's what they do to you in Florida. You can listen to Tolkein himself read from The Lord of the Rings.

 They're talking about the Soho Koolhaus Prada over at the Morning News, where it's noted that may never open.

 From an interview with Jeffrey Zeldman about web standards, I learned that the WC3 is already hard-at-work on CSS-3 and DOM Level 2.

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