dec 30

nice scooter

 Ahem. Maybe that dumb scooter thing will sell after all. reviews Fake Meat.

 In other fake news, MapQuest invents South Yuba City. (See the map of the invented town.)

 A good case for on-the-scene citizen journalism: The New York Times has obtained photos from the fracas on the flight with Richard Reid from a person sitting a couple rows behind him. And this weblogger tells his story about being in row 28E (Reid was in 29H).

 20 factors that will change PCs in 2002.

 SlashDot survey: Who is the most prophetic sci-fi writer?

 This java applet from Taprats, which helps you make Islamic star patterns, is exactly what I needed to get inspired to come up with more tiling designs for this blog. (Thanks Caterina.)

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