jan 1


My New Year's Blog Resolutions:

  • Redesign this damn thing. Make it cleaner. Get rid of all that "personality" on the right.
  • Build more unique dynamic applications.
  • Make that damn XML-newsfeed page.
  • Build that damn XML-Flash-MP3 radio app you've been talking about.
  • When are you going to finish those damn surveys?
  • And comments. Huh, what about those damn comments?
  • Rex, you hate updating that calendar. Why don't you finally make the damn thing dynamic?
  • That text page is one damn sorry excuse for PDA-accessibility.
  • Those CFM-generated archive pages aren't cutting it. You know damn well search engines don't like them unless they're individual unique pages.
  • Instead of uploading those images each day, finish that cfload.
  • How long you been saying that you were gonna finish that damn XML feed?
  • Stop talking in third-person, alright?
  • Less talk, more rock.

 350+ links later (I finally counted; I was guessing before), The Year in Review list is forever done. Right now, it's the number 5 most-linked page by weblogs according to Daypop.

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