jan 4

your heard me, i said religious dildos

 Religious dildos. (What, you thought I was joking? At least you are not going to hell for linking to the Diving Nun.)

 A writer at the Dallas Observer calls Ashleigh Banfield "Tina Fey-ish." Hey, that's my line! The rest of the story talks about her days in the local Dallas market.

 If you could redesign anything, what would it be? I'd start with a few cities, jump to handful of airports, scrap most cars, and clean up with about 80 percent of the web. Another idea: redesign the alphabet.

 Nothing So Strange is a mockumentary about Bill Gates' assassination. He ain't happy. (Snagged from MeFi.)

 New in McSweeney's: Tom Cruise's Smile, Circa December 2001.


 Finally, Britney is doing it.

 Eugene Mirman, the marvelous crooning child, rocks.

 Wow, you thought the last Star Wars sucked? The next one (Episode II: Attack of the Clones) will have a cameo by 'NSYNC.

 "It's Muzak for the soy latté set." Textism rips Leonard Cohen a new one. Although I don't agree, it's full of truth. (It also gave me this amazing link: Leonard Cohen Covered by Other Artists.)

 Manergo.org and IanWhitney.com (both local blogs) have pictures from Lifter Puller's last show on July 29, 2000.

 Which Radiohead Collective Member Are You?

 75 Or Less reviews music in 75 words or less. Here's their take at the Avalanches.

 Ya know, there are a lot of bad websites out there. But when a major media company does one as bad as Rolling Stone does theirs...

 In the post-Napster age, I've used Aimster, BearShare, and AudioGalaxy for music filesharing. AudioGalaxy is the only one I might recommend.

 I'm currently enjoying the agitprop Swedish band International Noise Conspiracy. "Capitalism Stole My Virginity" pretty much kicks my ass.

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