jan 7

the academy

 What's the academic world talking about lately? Well, there's the little story of Stephen Ambrose plagiarizing. (He's "sorry".) There's also the buzz over Cornell West getting ripped by the President of Harvard for -- at list in part -- making a hip-hop album. (A very bad album.) And, finally, the book everyone is talking about now is Richard A. Posner's Public Intellectuals: A Study of Decline. (Posner is a buffoon.) That all seems very bland -- maybe I don't miss the academy.

 New issues of Digital Web Magazine, Born Magazine, and Whet Magazine are out.

 Mark Amerika might be the first "internet name" that I remember. Back in the days in which I was discovering the net via Netscape's "What's Hot" list, I stumbled across his visual/poetic/digital art work. The Institute for Contemporary Arts in London has a retrospective of his work planned for this week.

 Anthony DeCurtis is the special guest at this week's good Studio 360. Kurt Anderson talks about his appreciation of the Mac ("yuppie porn") and Paola Antonelli dices the Euro ("Frankenstein architecture").

 The net has been abuzz about what will be revealed at Macworld Expo today. CNET has the first legitimate story on the topic, just filed. (It's a new iMac. It's on the cover of the new Time. Now go back to bed.)

 I wonder if anyone in the local media thinks it's sad that a New York paper does the best reportage about the Twin Cities homeless problem. (Oh wait, am I part of the local media? Nevermind then.)

 I like the idea of the fake celebrity blog. Here's Britney, Snoop Doggy Dog, and Caesar.

 MulletHead Action Figures.

 Hello, Taliban.

 Jerry Kindall has a good piece about changing keyboard formats: Mac OS X and Dvorak. (Dvorak is an alternative keyboard layout. More here.)

 For those of you into this kind of thing, Weezer has posted all 14 songs (in demo version) of their next album to their website.

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