jan 8

no imacs here

 I refuse to link to the new iMac. I will not cave.

 Pretty cool: American Mile Markers: One photograph for every mile across America. I think I should replicate this concept across North Dakota, with one twist: one photograph every yard.

 Could the world become AOL/Time-Warner vs. Microsoft/Disney? Is this hell?

 Odd. Ethan Coen is writing dirty limericks for Nerve.com.

 Stephen Hawking turns 60 tomorrow.

 The geeks who saved Usenet.

 George W. Bush: Honky.

 Is this sports?

 Overly elaborate Guide To Lifeguarding.

 If I like Vanilla Sky I'm gonna be so mad at myself. Damn, that soundtrack looks sweet though. (Could I own a CD with Tom Cruise on the cover and live with myself? Wait, lemme answer that one: nope.)

 Metropolis mag has a feature about The Walker.

 Todd is back. Phil ain't.


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