jan 9


 Awesome. I've been ripped off. Or plagarized. Or whatever you call this which looks like a replica of my 2001 year in review -- except they apparently couldn't figure out how to steal stylesheets. Losers. I wrote PlanetPretty.com (what, you buy that domain name off eBay?) a note, and instantly got this automated reply:

Thanks for the email ! we'll try to answer you personally or on PlanetPretty -- Check back later this week for our Holiday special...and coming soon -- our 3rd birthday special- we're giving away tons of prizes !!!

Vera Pretty & all your friends @ PlanetPretty.com

POSTSCRIPT: Vera has taken the page down.

 I Want My GayTV. I started a thread about this over at MeFi too.

 One of my most oft-used cocktail personality questions: If you could have any song played at your funeral, what would it be? My answer: "Sweet And Tender Hooligan," by The Smiths. The most amazing thing about that answer is that it hasn't changed for 8 years. Anyway, here's the Random Smiths Lyric Generator

 Who would have thought the world could become AOL/Time-Warner vs. Microsoft/Disney? Is this hell?

 Wikipedia is an attempt to create a complete encyclopedia from scratch -- collaboratively. Users can not only suppy entires, but also edit or expand upon an article. (An earlier article from MIT Technology Review.)

 Click here to darken your celebrity eyebrows.

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