jan 14


 Bravo is starting a new series based on "Inside the Actors Studio," which features musicians instead of actors. Lou Reed is the first guest in February. The host is David Wild, of Rolling Stone.

 Am I the only one who has wondered how the U.S. has a military base at the tip of Cuba? Sure, I remember Jack Nicholson screaming at me about Guantánamo Bay in A Few Good Men, but I don't recall anyone saying how exactly we got the base. Encyclopedia.com tells me that it was leased to the U.S. in 1903 by a treaty that was renewed in 1934. Both countries need to consent to revoke the treaty.

 Another weird car: Subaru Baja.

 Good police auction deals online: Propertyroom.com.

 Which internal organ are you? (I'm a heart.)

 The Stephen Hawking Swearing Keyboard.

 1971 Sears Catalogue.

 What would Gene Simmons do?

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