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Rex Sorgatz

The side-benefit of dating Jewish girls in this silly city: my Words With Friends gameplay has become much better!

jan 9

100 Best Companies To Work For 2007

Forbes: 100 Best Companies To Work For 2007. 1) Google. 4) Container Store. 5) Whole Foods. 11) Cisco. 16) Starbucks. 31) Adobe. 44) Yahoo. 50) Microsoft. 62) Mayo Clinic. 68) P&G. 69) Nike.


Not a single media company.

posted by Rex at 3:40 AM on January 9, 2007

No Architecture either. Unless, in a distorted way IKEA is grouped in with architecture. Or something. Is it a coincidence that Nike was 69 and the swoop looks so similar to it's number? I don't think so.

posted by Sand at 2:03 PM on January 9, 2007

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