jan 22

dvd kick

 Buffy DVDs are out!

 On the same day that Kmart files for bankruptcy, Amazon.com posts its first profit.

 I saw the flick Dotcom: Hot Tubs, Pork Chops, & Valium at the Sarasota Film Fest last weekend. It really sucked. I would be shocked if it made it out of the small-festival tour. It seems even the filmmakers recognized this, because no one even registered the domain of the mythical dot-com company founded in the movie: Zectek.com.

 Come to think of it, I really could use a new addiction.

 Perhaps the most tasteless banner advert of all time. (Yes, it's real; via Mefi.)

 At the Diesel in Tampa, I stumbled across a cool set of books by Pocko. I bought Peter, my foosball partner, this one.

 I think something's wrong with me. I just linked to Diesel, and now I'm going to link to the brand new DKNY site. Next thing you know, I'll link to Urban Outfitters. Stop it!

 "Mission of Burma is on tour again?" he asked incredulously.

 I think I should get into the business of making movie websites. The site for Black Hawk Down is cool. Or, for the historian, What Black Hawk Down Leaves Out.

 My MLK multimedia site (made last year).

 Indeed. FreeWinona.com.

 Dear God. YugoPop added another chapter of being better than anyone.

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