jan 23

chelsea hotel

 Everyone's talking about Chelsea's make-over. Here's a pic of her with Gwyneth and Madonna, via Drudge.

 I'm sporting my new t-shirt on the webcam today.

 It lost Gretta, but it looks like CNN is gonna land Connie Chung and Tina Brown.

 The minute that the Sarah Jane Olson / Kathleen Soliah story broke, I thought I should start writing the book. And I toyed with the idea for a long time. This case fascinates me -- especially the way I sway from sympathy to apathy. Here's an interview with the nom de guerre.

 Randy Moss wallpaper at Nike.com. For some reason, this is amusing to me. Maybe it's that he's wearing the "urban reconnaissance parka" from the "urban survivalist collection." By the way, the new Air Jordan's will retail for over $200. I guess they're cheaper than a Segway.

 Google brilliance at work again: Special language-support pages for Elmer Fudd, Pig Latin, and Hacker. (Thanks to SaltedWound.)

 A crazy preview to the new Tron movie, coming out in 2003. (More info.)

 New videos from Chemical Brothers and Liz Phair.

 Yahoo.com is releasing this today: Premium Discount Search. For $3/article or $5/month, you can search deeper database sources than your average web search.

 Are you a fascist?

 The Enron retirement plan mug on sale at eBay.

 Christina Aguilera = Dee Snyder.

 For techies: How the Wayback Machine Works.

 If celebrities were only more goth.

 Alan Keyes' new show on MSNBC started yesterday, and I missed it.

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