jan 29

the power of sangria

 Sorry, I'm back. John, Ross, and Chuck got me too drunk. Oh, an update? One just hated Vanilla Sky, one just turned 30, and one just lived with Ozzy for two days. And there was Lora, the ex who's now a doctor that looks like a supermodel flapper. (Chuck will have to send me pics so that I can prove this.)

 Stephen King claims he's done?

 FOX is pulling perhaps the worst television I've ever seen: The Chamber.

 I've been saying for a long time that what Salon really needs to do is branch out beyond the web. Now, they are considering a magazine.

 Compare: Name That Candybar | Name That Beer Bottle.

 Crank your speakers for perhaps the worst TV website of all time: WBQP. (Courtesy of LostRemote.)

 Oculart scares me.

 Something to watch: White Stripes, "Fell In Love With A Girl".

 Tom Tomorrow of This Modern World has started his own blog.

 A new fusion restaurant has opened in Minneapolis: Sushi Tango. I guess I'll have to go.

 Good David Sedaris interview.

 More Googlish fun: Googlewhacking is a game by which bloggers try to come up with two-word combinations that force Google to only return one page -- yours. This thread at MeFi has people whacking the hell out of Google.

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