feb 1


 Proof that anything can be transferred to the web: Lite-Brite.

 It's official: Dan the Automator to produce new Beck album.

 Noelle Bush was arrested in Arizona too.

 I wish I were this monkey. But not this one.

 This is pissing off people I work with: AOL Shuts Out Trillian Users. Although I am only an occasional user of Trillian, I'm most interested in the newfound hypocrisy of AOL suing Microsoft for monopolistic practices.

 Are You An Office Flirt?

 The NY Times on the minimal tools that you need to become a journalist.

 One of my favorite news sources, SFgate, has redesigned. Compare to the old version, via the Google cache. (The Wall Street Journal also recently redesigned.)

 See also: a google cache of google. Wow, I'm sure that's only amusing to me.

 Uh-oh. Macromedia has released the new Flash 6 player (beta), which can only mean that Flash 6.0 is coming soon. And here I thought I was going to have some free time soon...

 I had no idea that the U of Minn. had a huge collection of WWI and WWII war posters.

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