feb 5


 Greta is now a FOX fox (before | after).

 My biggest criticism of Slate.com is that it has never had anything to do with the internet. The comfortable mix of the New Republic's style and the New Yorker's grace only uses the internet as a distribution model -- not as a medium. To my knowledge, there has never been anything on Slate.com that really takes advantage of what the internet can do better than a magazine. That's why I'm glad to see Slate.com has recently posted two pieces that take advantage of what the internet does best: interactivity and data. In the category of interactivity, The Enron Blame Game. In the category of data, The 2001 Slate 60.

 New Iranian-via-Afghan film: Baran (trailer).

 I Blog, Therefore I Am.

 CSPAN had a roundtable with Christopher Hitchens & Andrew Sullivan (video) a few days ago that was excellent.

 TiVo spies on you.

 Last night, I somehow ended up watching Lou Reed on Bravo's new show, Musicians, followed up by watching Kid Rock on Howard Stern. Would you hate me if I said I was more entertained by Kid Rock?

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