feb 7

gene vs. terry

 Gene Simmons and Terry Gross trash-talk.

 Movie88.com is a site from Taiwan that lets you watch streaming movies for only a buck a piece. Fun selection, mediocre quality, and almost certainly illegal.

 I might compete: First Annual Google Programming Contest.

 If the U.S. government kills your brother in an accident, how much do they (okay, we) compensate the family? $1,000, apparently.

 If I had the surveys application working, I'd have you vote on which picture you like more: this one or this one.

 Textz.com has texts from all the biggies, including Kafka, Zizek, Baudrillard, Debord, Tolstoy, Poe, Neal Stephenson, Erik Satie, and My Bloody Valentine.

 Neumu's gramophone has posted an MP3 of Low's "In Metal".

 Two interesting magazine stories from MediaLife: Bust Is Back | Spin Editor Quits To Start New Mag.

 I'm apparently not one of the Top 25 Web Personalities.

 I guess someone had to make a gallery of girls posing with mandolins.

 MSNBC apologizes for misspelling Republican consultant "Niger Innis."

 BBC.com has a snowboard game tied into its Olympics coverage.

 Poynter analyzes NYTimes Portraits of Grief.

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