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Rex Sorgatz

Screenplay idea: Man gets amnesia and reconstructs his life from blog comments he wrote. Short film -- he kills himself after 11 minutes.

feb 12

the mummy

 When Darin was in town last week, he mentioned being in The Threat of the Mummy while we were at Moscow on the Hill. But I had no idea.... wow. "Part socio-political satire and part supernatural fantasy... made entirely on location in Grand Forks, North Dakota." I am speechless. It opens April 5 in GF.

 Terry Gross: Gene Simmons won't give rights to release interview transcripts. That, and more, from the Philly Inquirer.

 Michael Kinsley steps down as editorial chief of This honestly makes me sad. When I met him a few months ago, he became a minor hero of mine.

 This time, Ventura looks at a tv reporter and says, "I've been saying for years, that you're in it for the rating points, and entertainment." Big insight from the former professional wrestler. Who the hell slipped him a copy of Bias, anyway?

 Yet another dot-com movie.

 The airlines will try anything to get people to fly again.

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