feb 14

dot-com memory lane

 When I started working for IBS, I told myself that I would make a strong attempt at being a writer again. My career trajectory had taken a turn toward editing -- primarily magazine editing -- but I wanted to return to putting the pen to paper. Of course, the opposite happened -- I went from being an editor to being a multimedia/interactive person. Now, I've lost the ability to construct sentences. Today, I stumbled across the first story I wrote for IBS: Top 10 Wacky Internet Events Of 1999. It's almost as funny as this byline: Top 10 Gadgets Of 1999. MP3s? G4s? DVDs? SUVs? This was 1999?

 Wow, cool. R. Crumb's The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick online.

 Great post about OuLiPo over at MetaFilter.

 I guess someone was bound to call it "skategate".

 Where did George Harrison die? Well, either at Paul McCartney's place or Courtney Love's place.

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