feb 18

home sweet home

 The A to Z of Britney.

 Rolling Stone: 50 Best Album Covers.

 The artist Alan Berliner (no, not Alain Berliner) has an exhibit opening at the Walker this weekend in which the names of everyone who lives within two miles will be on display. I live a few blocks away, so I guess I'll be on display. Studio 360 has an audio report with Berliner.

 Momus: Thought of the Day.

 Apparently, another new Flash book that I'll have to buy: Flash Math Creativity.

 The new issue (#7) of McSweeney's arrived in the mail Friday. I'm pumped.

 Michael Wolff profiles George Stephanopoulos. "He's a soft-spoken non–alpha male. He has really great hair." But he's not gay.

 Hang on: Olympic Zoom Movie (video).

 You can pre-order the new pseudonymous Paul Westerberg album.

 A lot of people in my industry are complaining about the new Knight-Ridder website redesigns. Whether you're in Miami or St. Paul or Grand Forks (they're all the same), you've probably ran across the messiness.

 A Map of Hip-Hop from the Geography of Hip-Hop.

 Great to know you're just a statistic.

 I never knew Fargo-native Michael Byzewski when I lived in Dakota, but I knew his work. His Madison-based design company Aesthetic Apparatus churns out some great posters, and he's interviewed here. (Thanks Todd.)

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