feb 19

broken saint

 At the workshop last weekend, I hung out with Brooke Burgess, the creator of Broken Saints (I also dragged him out to Nye's Saturday night -- he loved it). I first heard about the online-only graphic novel quite a while ago, but on first glance found it too time-consuming, and bookmarked it for later engagement. Now, I'm finally diving into it, and it's one of the rare web products worth the time. The pace is slow, so I suggest watching one episode per day -- there are a total of 24 at about 15 minutes each. Watch it now, before Brooke sells out to MTV.

 Yahoo! accidentally posted embargoed photos of the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. If you care to see.

 Digital artists get their due. From the NYTimes: Getting Tangible Dollars for an Intangible Creation.

 Old video from Fela Kuti's burial.

 Watch the bouncing yellow ball: Death Metal Karaoke.

 The Evil Dead is 20 years old.

 One of my fave authors, Victor Pelevin, has a new book out: Homo Zapiens. A review.

 I'm listening to the new Lambchop album (available on Friday) and it's kicking my ass. Also, Pitchfork reviews the new Fog, a Minneapolis artist who recently landed on Ninja Tune.

 It's somewhat funny to run my site through Malfunctioned, but it's not nearly as good as running it through Pornalize.

 Enron/Enrage, the t-shirt.

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