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feb 20

no comment

 I've been busy saying "no comment" all day.

 The New Yorker writes about North Dakotans? This must be a first. It contains an interview with Great Plains billionaire Doug Burgam, some sad stats about the population (the state has 40,000 less people than it did in 1930), a tour of the "Marketplace of Ideas," and general ruminations about the "North" in North Dakota.

 You want proof that everyone's got a blog? The freaking FBI has one.

 I wanna go to Noise Pop so bad. But I also wanna go to All Tomorrow Parties. When did Cali become an indie rock capital?

 The graphic of the day at Reuters today: Ice Rink Layers.

 New York Press interviews Michael Wolff.

 Anyone buy the new Cornelius album? I didn't, but this interview reminds me I should nab it.

 The Velvet Underground's signature album is being re-released as a double-album.

 Inconspicuous Consumption is a site about the proliferation of products and the marketing language that surrounds them. (Thanks JK.)

 Information Architecture for the Lit-Crit set. (PDF)

 For some reason, sees something profound it the 39th resurgence of Surrealism. Isn't this story written every two years? Cool slideshow though.

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