feb 22

Klosterman on Britney

Esquire.com redesigned (or perhaps, designed) and now includes some fresh bits, including Chuck on Britney's hair cut: "Because she is a celebrity, it is always assumed that what she does is driven by motive. I see no evidence of this.... Think of the dumbest, goofiest, richest 25-year-old woman you've ever known: Did her day-to-day decision-making process reflect anything about her ambition, her self-awareness, or her ability to deal with reality?"

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Wait - I'm supposed to have a whole clan of 25 year-old white women that I know so I can compare them to Britney Spears?!

Thanks dude - because I didn't have enough reasons to feel inadequate as it is.

posted by Nav at 11:34 PM on February 22, 2007

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