feb 21

der speigel

 What is left to say after this week's cover of Der Spiegel?

 MGM has become the first of the seven big studios to offer films to consumers via download: CinemaNow. Some are free (Leprechaun, with Jennifer Aniston), and some are pay-per-view (Romance, by Catherine Breillat).

 A new tech mag, Dig-It, is supposed to be "the Rolling Stone of tech." Translation: sucks. But wait: rumor is that the whole thing is a hoax. Stay tuned

 Drudge claims Britney was going to show her tah-tahs, but the scene was cut. USA Today says no way.

 The Pentagon plans to fake news? Nothing new here, move along...

 The Village Voice talks to Arthur C. Clarke, David Byrne, and various architects about skyscrapers.

 More proof that the gaming industry is pushing the medium (or mediums, since it's so multi-platform) harder than anyone else. Samurai Romanesque is a weather-affected, multiplayer, java-based i-Mode game.

 iwantmedia has a new page dedicated completely to media consolidation.

 Mike Kinsley was on Fresh Air last night. Listen.

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