feb 23

bot trouble

 My story about the meta-robots was linked to everywhere yesterday, and my uniques suddenly jumped into the five-figure range. Okay, I guess this means I'll have to release the program as freeware soon. (I also have to check my contract with my ISP to see how big the bill will be for all this traffic.) For the next step in IM Robots, check out AliceBot (still in Beta). For reference, see the A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation. Honestly, I think that IM bots are "the next big thing" -- the business solutions alone are intriguing. If you wanna be on the edge, learn AIML and start building.

 The very first Segways are on sale at Amazon. "These 'FIRST Edition' Segways are numbered, limited editions, and each will be custom made using titanium alloy components. Each Segway HT will have the individual winner's engraved name and Dean Kamen's laser-etched signature." Bids are in the six-figure range.

 Chuck Jones has died.

 Courtney Love To Publish Kurt Cobain's Diaries.

 Ten Questions the Media Can't Answer.

 Am-I-Hot-Or-Not: Party Edition sounds like fun.

 The William Burroughs Cut-Up Machine.

 I stumbled across this new FOX show called Glutton Bowl a few nights ago. It reminds me of the eating games we played in college. No, I don't want to talk about them.

 World's largest palindrome? 12,293 words.

 An interview with John Perry Barlow, an internet name that I knew before Bill Gates or Marc Andressen.

 I'm going to Storytelling tonight. I'll tell you how it is later. Some reviews for you, and a trailer.

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