feb 25

aging gracefully

 As I approach 30, I'm reflecting on how I've changed in the last decade. Professionally, I'm summarizing it this way: When I was 20, I wanted to do good; at 30, I want to not do bad.

 New audio archives on Morning Becomes Eclectic: Ron Howard, Sandra Bernhard, Mercury Rev, and The Avalanches.

 I NEED SOUP! Every Thursday, I make soup for the office. I have a nice little crock pot in which I've brewed Black Bean, Butternut Squash, Beer Cheese, Potato Leek, and Vegetable soup. But I'm running out of recipes. If you have a favorite soup, please email me.

 Looking for a cheap, frivolous gift? Stupid Gift Shop is your spot. I enjoy the toys and all sorts of weird japanese stuff pages.

 Do androids dream of First Amendment rights? A Net-controlled robot reporter from MIT may be headed for Afghanistan.

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