feb 27


 A bunch of designers got together to create designer barf bags. I'm not convinced they're any better than the real things.

 If I am a "Plushophile," what do I like? What tickles me if I'm a "Zootophile"? Apparently, I would have a fascination -- sometimes sexual -- with stuffed animals and dressing up as them. Of course there's a web page (and a web ring) for you, which includes The Fur Code. (Thanks, DL.)

 The internet projects I like the most are ones that bring you back to reality in some concrete way. Go to PostCardX and send people on the list random stuff -- to their snail mail address. Add your address to the site, and come back later to talk about what people sent you.

 But I also like projects that have absolutely no purpose, like Shit-Talker, "a program that lets you hold a conversation over the phone with someone by making your computer talk for you."

 CBSNews.com has redesigned.

 Maybe some things don't need to be interactive, like, perhaps, Interactive Dressing Rooms? (Thanks, Luckee.)

 Ultra-Condensed Classic Books

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