mar 1


 Why did I ever start this project?! And it's March already. And it's still freezing. Can it get any worse? Well, I guess I could complain about my job and get fired.

 I should count all the stories the mainstream press is writing about blogging. It's crazy. The Strib has theirs now. MinnesotaThinkTanker Todd and Cursor's Mike get quoted. I, of course, do not. I love how the angle for all these mainstream press articles about blogging is "is it a fad?" It's like they're trained to think most tech-journalism inventions are here-today-gone-tomorrow.

 I've never talked here about my days as an editor at FATE. It was a truly crazy and sad experience. This piece from Salon about digging through the "slush pile" (publisher's term for the stack of unsolicited manuscripts) really makes me remember those days. And -- trust me -- this Salon story is much more tame than my FATE slush pile.

 In the category of other things I've never talked about here but I will someday is my trips to Alaska every summer in my early-20s. In the meantime, the weird story of the day: Two-Headed Moose Fetus Shocks Native Community, Baffles Biologists.

 Letterman is making his rounds. Up next, ABC?

 It's no surprise to learn that Britney is dumb, but should she be so musically dumb?

 Is it odd to see David Sedaris in Esquire? I think so, but The Five Cardinal Rules Of Personal Style is funny.

 And, finally, Rake Magazine is out. It's a new Twin Cities magazine by some former alt-press big-shots. I'm sure I'll be talking more about it here soon.

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