mar 2


 Prior to the NFL draft, potential players take the Wonderlic. The what? The Wonderlic. It's a 50-question IQ test (15 of which are available on that link). Probably most interesting is that offensive tackles generally score as well as newswriters on the test, as shown at the bottom of this story. I guess I want to see the whole test, because I didn't get any of those questions wrong.

 Dave Eggers' sister died of suicide -- in November. Some are saying this is a hoax, which I find mortifying. Eggers is also on Studio360 this week (audio).

 In other questionable news, this might be a Monica Lewinksy blog. But, well, probably not.

 I haven't mentioned hating Kevin Smith in at least a month. Someone digitized a skit of his that apparently was recently aired on the Tonight Show. It's utterly stupid and I have no idea why I've just linked to it.

 Tony Pierce is selling link privileges to his blog on Ebay. I've been reading Tony's blog for a long time, and it's both fascinating and worthless at the same time. Try, for instance, Charles Bukowski and Blacks Are Good At Sports.

 Accidentally funny headline I love: Miss America Head Abruptly Quits.

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