mar 4

blake baby

 Blake, baby, you know how I feel.

 TIME has a story out now which says that back in October the government thought that terrorists might have a 10-kiloton nuclear weapon. How big is that? Use's Blast Mapper to find out what it would do to your neighborhood.

 This article has me sold as blogging material in the first sentence: "A new video game inspired by the abstract artist Kandinsky aims to overload the senses with its psychedelic visuals and pulsating dance beats."

 I seldom see good use of client-side Java applications anymore. Usually, they hog up memory and crash the browser. Or I think they work better in Flash. Or they're just boring. But the Glass Engine, an application that guides you through the work of Phillip Glass, is wonderfully inventive in emotive and navigational senses.

 New version of Flash (6.0) to arrive March 15. A flurry of press releases here. My life suddenly got more busy.

 I really wish they had Digital Video technology when I was in college, cuz I would've made this dorm room gem.

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