mar 5


Let's call it Magazine Day at Fimoculous:

 Well, golly. USA Weekend must be quivering in its shoes, cuz Parade Magazine has a new website. Check out What People Earn. And of course there's Marilyn vos Savant. But who cares, since she's wrong all the time.

 FILM: The new Cineaste has a nice collection of Cassavetes articles. MUSIC: The new Wire has Kim Gordon on the cover.

 NEW: Failure Magazine, a new zine dedicated to analyzing failures. Fat Channel, a showcase for "fashion, architecture, taste."

 The print New Yorker this week profiles Patti Smith. Online, there's a guide to Smith's recordings.

 The Osbournes starts tonight, and Chuck, who lived with Ozzy for a couple days, is supposed to have an article in Spin about it soon.

 Momus has an article in this month's Metropolis about furniture after 9-11. But it's more interesting than that sounds. I've already mentioned it, but I've also enjoyed Momus' Thought of the Day page.

 I am in utter shock. Columbia Journalism Review is saying that women's magazine are full of lies.

 I've read through the first issue of The Rake, a new Twin Cities magazine. While some of the editorials long for '90s alterna-politics and snarky publishing (and, well, on some days, so do I), cheeky stories about the salt on the roads and bridge suicides give it some of that quality we forgot we've missed.

And, finally, I just want to say that the state of magazines has never been worse in my lifetime. There was a time when I stopped by the newsstand and wrestled between 8 and 10 issues to take home. Now, I scrape out with The Wire and some weird fleeting thing, and that's it. Where, oh where, have you gone Lingua Franca? Speak? Grand Royal? Option? Hell, I'd even take Mondo 2000. This isn't even mentioning all the passed online zines like Feed and Suck. And it's not like something new has replaced these bygone beauties. We lose Factsheet 5 and get O in return? Hell, not even the mostly-sucky Talk or Brill's Content survived. When I was in college, we made fun of Details. I had no idea that it could get even worse (Maxim). Is there a story here? What happened? Who's to blame? Why on earth am I reduced to having a subscription to EW?

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