mar 6

net art

 The Whitney Biennial contains 10 works of net art this year. Here they are:
James Buckhouse's Tap
Mary Flanagan's [collection]
Benjamen Fry's Valence
Lisa Jevbrat's 1:1
Yael Kanarek's World of Awe
John Klima's Earth
Margot Lovejoy's The Turns
Mark Napier's Riot
Robert Nideffer's Proxy
Josh On & Futurefarmers' They Rule

 In other art news, the SFMoma has a nice Eva Hesse online exhibit.

 And a nearly-comprehensive website on my favorite 20th century art cabal: The Futurists.

 After you're done generating euphemisms, why don't you go spank the monkey.

 A few months ago, I went to the Experience Music Project in Seattle for a conference party. Not a tech conference -- rather, a journalism conference. So the people were older but the food was better. Anyway, EMP has a Pop Music Studies Conference coming up that looks somewhat interesting. Does hundreds of music critics in one room sound like a good time to you?

 Hello, welcome to the ugliest government website a state could build. (Yes, this is where I live.)

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