mar 11

more days

 Tired and cold and sad, but let's see if the internet can shake us up, okay?

 For those of you of that persuasion, the new Star Wars trailer is out: Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

 Here's one for you to scoff at: Buffalo Daughter is better than Cibo Mato. I'm not saying that to be contrarian, or to start an argument with someone who wants to tell me that we shouldn't compare them simply because they're both female Japanese electronic/hip-hop duos. I'm saying it only because it is true. Go buy I.

 Neat User-Interface.

 Hearing Voices contains a fine a collection of obscure radio pieces.

 Yahoo has rolled out its new mapping software, after they shrugged of AOL-subsidiary MapQuest.

 Fast Food simulation: a day in the life of a McDonald's employee.

 Romenesko gets profiled by USAToday.

 Hm, nope. Still cold and empty. Let's hope tomorrow is better, eh?

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