mar 14

text-based day

 Today, I received a spam addressed to these people:;;;;;;;; Fellow Rex's of the world, we must fight this madness.

 Text-Based Pong.

 What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Am I?

 The Incredible Rubberband Machine Gun!

 The Pay Phone Project.

 Gary Gygax interview.

 Any regular reader of this blog knows that I like to name-check two people: Ashleigh Banfield and Tina Fey. This weekend on SNL, Tina played Asleigh. Well, sorta. It was a skit that had news personalities show up at a party, and when Tina Fey walked in with Jimmy Fallon, someone said, "Hey, it's Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon." Tina replied, "No, I'm supposed to be Ashleigh Banfield" and exists the scene. I quivvered.

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