mar 15


 So, I work for this company called IBS. We do news websites across the nation. Our clients include Hearst, McGraw-Hill, Washington Post, and NBC. Most likely, in the city where you live, we have a website. Okay, that's simple enough, right? Well, now ABC has a show coming out called Wednesday 9:30 (8:30 Central) about a broadcast company called.... IBS. I'm afraid I can't even begin to enunciate all the potential similarities of this show and my life. Did I just walked into reality TV? More to come....

 Google just added a news search (beta).

 Hm-mmm. Graphic Designer's Judgement Clouded By Desire To Use New Photoshop Plug-In.

 A while ago, Harrumph set up a voice-mail at the number (415) 565-1347. When you called, you were asked "What is real?" and then the beep. Here is a collection of the responses (RealVideo).

 Of course you already bought the first season, but now the second season of Buffy on DVD is soon to be released.

 Did you know you can't be an ATHEIST in Florida?

 Hunter has gone gonzo because someone apparently is stealing his unpublished work.

 Michael Moore is in town today, and I haven't decided if I'll go see him read. Judging by the police raid in San Diego a few days ago, it's not something I should miss.

 I bought No Logo a while ago, and still haven't read it. Naomi Klein has a new essay in the Guardian: America Is Not A Hamburger.

 Wanna piss off people? Try making a Hitler Action Figure.

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