mar 18


It's Music Day, here at Fimoculous.

 NY Times Magazine has a music issue, featuring Moby, Mingus, The Breeders, Barry Manilow, and Beck's 198-Track Mind. Kevin Kelly's piece about how we will get music in the future is also worthwhile, and Chuck has a piece about a Guns 'N Roses cover-band.

 Cornershop will be releasing their highly-anticipated new album, Handcream for a Generation, in April. Here's a video.

 I had a magazine diatribe a while back and I didn't mention how I even miss corporate-sponsored magazines like Request. This is a great reason why: The Punk Rock Quincy Episode (with video).

 Sia Michel has been named the new editor in chief at SPIN. A certain sign that it's going to continue its pattern of suckiness is this quote: "I don't think you can ignore a band like Creed." Yes, Sia, yes you can.

 Gallery of defaced Britney posters in NYC subways.

 Me! Me! Me! I want to go so bad! Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids.

 Newsweek reviews The Osbournes.

 The Top Ten Gayest Songs Ever! Pac Man Fever?

 It's not online, but the new issue of Magnet is pretty good. "The History of Shoegazing" rocks.

 35 Things Every Rock Critic Should Know.

 For reasons that I certainly can't appraise, even is writing about Dan The Automator.

 "No Future: U.K. Punk And The Philosophy Of Émile Durkheim".

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