mar 19

gee dubya

 I am the leader of a large Western nation—you'd recognize the name—one that trumpets its devotion to democracy. In the election that brought me to power, I received far fewer votes than my opponent, but our peculiar rules made me the victor. (It's a wild story.) For me to continue in office is legal, but is it ethical? —G.W.B., Washington. That, and more questions never asked of The Ethicist.

 Speaking of which, the Fall-Winter 1980 JC Penney Catalogue has a model that looks just like G.W.

 Walker Scott, the guy who writes the fluffy gossip column in Parade, is really a former New York Times Magazine editor. Journalist are outraged.

 After 9/11, The Plight of Posthumans (thanks kev).

 Which HTML tag are you? I'm an HREF, which, someone should tell them, isn't actually a tag (A is the tag; HREF is an attribute).

 If you live in Chicago, you might consider attending Facets Film School.

 New Yorker piece about shopping in Tokyo.

 An awesome collection of Really Bad Websites.

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