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Dodgeball Founders Split

Krucoff breaks the news that the founders of Dodgeball have left Google. This will all seem very sad when Google buys Twitter. [More thoughts inside.]


The story of post-Google Dodgeball is sad, but I'm more excited about what Dens will be making with area/code.

Oh, and Google won't buy Twitter until after it's jumped the shark... and that's coming up soon!

posted by Aaron at 11:06 PM on April 15, 2007

Despite what I wrote, given this news I actually believe that Google buying Twitter now would look really bad. It would make Google look like a company that will merely outbid everyone for what's hot and be unable to build anything themselves. Everyone will ask, "Didn't they already have a mobile texting service? Why didn't they do anything with it?"

That's why I think Twitter will end up in either AOL or FOX's lap. Twitter would fit in perfectly with either AIM or MySpace. Also, Microsoft might actually win this one. Mobile is one of the few areas where they've got a significant fighting chance.

posted by Rex at 11:34 PM on April 15, 2007

It's just shy of two years. Usually a buyout includes a bonus if you stick around with the company for 12-36 months, with 18 months being fairly common these days. Looks like they stuck around for five months longer than they had to by contract.

posted by Matt Haughey at 11:49 PM on April 15, 2007

Maybe. But Krucoff knows those Dodgeball guys pretty well, and the voice he's trying to convey is disappointment, as though they would have preferred to stay around longer. It really sounds like Google just ignored Dodgeball (I don't know how anyone could argue otherwise), and they left in frustration.

posted by Rex at 11:56 PM on April 15, 2007

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