mar 28


 The third sentence on the first episode of Wednesday 9:30 (8:30 Central) tonight was "Welcome to IBS." And a quote from the protaganist: "I've been working in the theater in Minneapolis for the last couple years..." (For those of you new to this game, this show on ABC has a strange mirror-effect going on with my work place.)

 Slate: Is Gerhard Richter A Good Painter?

 The "If There Were Three Examples We'd Have A Meme" Thread: ScratchRobot is an email-controlled record-scratching robot. SpamRadio is an internet radio broadcast of a robotic voice that reads email spam.

 I'm getting really tired of this blog. I want to turn it into something else -- and I don't mean just redesign it. I mean, something else. Maybe something like a cross between this and this.

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