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if shoe fits

 If you had control of a few large media websites, what would you do for April Fool's? I couldn't think of anything either...

 I've been saying for while that the greatest influence on shoe design in the last 10 years has been the automobile. I'm serious. Just as SUVs came into vogue, shoes were growing running boards. People usually laugh at me when I expound this theory, but now I have proof: a shoe that mimics a Ferrari. If that tickles you, check out Adidas KOBETWO at Kicksology.

 I saw Panic Room last night, and the most I can say is that Jodie Foster is amazing. The movie is obsessed with its stylized self, in both the good and bad ways. The website is a good indication of what I mean. Not only is the "script to scene" component craft-obsessed (story boards, conceptual designs, digital storyboards, finished scene), but the wardrobe auction is too much. I'd pretty much do anything for that tank top though.

 In contrast, there's the arty and episodic obliqueness of the Donnie Darko website.

 Teoma is launching a search engine upgrade that it says will make it better than Google.

 Music critic Chuck Eddy interviewed.

 Yo, we can stop light now.

 Female or Shemale?

 I'm at Flash Forward the rest of the week. I'll try to update from there.

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