apr 5


 San Fran is the internet. I'm home, but I'm tired. And I'm full of ideas, some of which have to do with remaking Fimoculous. Maybe this weekend. Oh damn, the International Film Fest started this week too. Well, I think I'll be absent from here for a while.

 Now the big-guns are being rolled out. Intellectual superstar Emily Nussbaum pens the most recent paean to Buffy in Slate.

 Lego has lost it.

 Neat animated map of London's Tube.

 GigPosters.com is dedicated to "the art of gig posters, flyers, and handbills showcases the aspiration of the music as well as the talent of many artists who see little to no profit for creating gig posters."

 I linked to the 300 Most Common English words a week ago, and now Bruce Sterling has turned them into a story.

 Thrift Store Art Gallery.

 Wow, Punk Karoake in my neighborhood (thanks truck).

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