apr 8


 When I first moved to Minneapolis, I lived a couple blocks away from The Loring Cafe. I used to describe it as the place in which all the not-quite-ethnic-yet-ethnic hotties converged. (I think I actually described someone who works there like this: "You know, that hottie that looks Asian, yet not Asian; Native-American, yet not; a little Black, but not really.") Dara Moskowitz in this week's City Pages does an even better rendition: "The Loring is the one place in town where arty ballerina vampire girls, simmering bespectacled muscle boys, Czech cable bootleggers, and the people with jobs who want to fuck them (the ad buyers, the graphic designers, the architects) and the people who want to fuck the people who want to fuck them all converge." Ah, yes, I miss that neighborhood.

 I know more than a few people who could use IronyPlugIns.com. A screenshot.

 Another questionble famous blog: Christopher Walken. I'm not sure if this makes it more or less likely that it's real: "Have you ever wanted to punch someone square in the teeth, just to see how many fall out? I met Ben Affleck today."

 Photoshop 7.0 comes out this month. This page has some of the new features, including a movie that explains the new Healing Brush Tool, a replacement for the Air Brush Stamp.

 The Periodic Table of Comic Books scans comic books for references to elements.

 The director of Memento has a new movie coming out next month with Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hillary Swank: Insomnia.

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